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The History of Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is the science of promoting physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual balance, health and vitality by harnessing the body`s own energy system`s inherent capacity to heal itself. The energy system, depleted or out of balance, is the patient; given the optimum conditions created by the practitioner lifting its vibrational frequency, it is also its own healer.

For well over 5,000 years, practitioners of Eastern medicine have known and practised holistic and inclusive techniques for well-being far in advance in many ways of anything we have developed in the West.

They have understood that human beings are multi-dimensional, and that therefore healing ideally should encompass the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our reality.

'What is reality? What we have called matter is energy (light), whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.' - Albert Einstein

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Eastern practitioners have understood that the way in which our energy - chi, ki, prana, universal life force energy, to use just a few terms by which it is known - flows is central to our sense of wellness, and that if that flow is blocked, or out of balance or depleted, we become unwell and eventually, if it is not corrected, develop dis-ease. Energy healing practitioners are trained in working with this flow of universal healing energy, and in how to channel it through their hands for the benefit of their clients' own enhanced well-being.

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Effective treatment also needs to encompass the many different inter-relationships within which we exist - relationships with and within ourselves, relationships with family, friends and loved ones, with our past, present and future, with our environment, and with the way in which we experience our relationship with the world and universe.


In the West, meanwhile, our approach has become quite mechanistic, and has operated often from a starting point which has been focussed on the alleviation of symptoms, largely through the use of powerful pharmaceutical drugs. This has led to enormous strides in cure rates of physical illness, and the effective management of physical and mental symptoms. This can sometimes, however, also involve some concerning side effects.

Many of us owe much to modern medical knowledge. At the same time, modern medicine would be the first to acknowledge its limitations in many areas too, particularly its inability to treat the whole person in ways which will promote total well-being. It is here, perhaps, that complementary holistic therapies have something extremely valuable and quite unique.

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There are aspects of well-being and health which western medicine has never claimed to be able to reach. It can't change us from the inside out, its wellness is largely chemically induced, and in this model we are in large part passive receivers rather than positive implementers of our own fate.

The intangibles such as peace, calm, contentment, for example, are outside its scope, as is its ability to help us feel in control or empowered, or to grow in ways which will help us feel we can change or move forward with confidence. That such things are every bit as vital to our well-being as our physical health has, however, been central to Eastern medicine and healing for centuries.

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In recent times, however, exciting research into neuroscience, together with the advanced findings of quantum physics and quantum mechanics, are challenging this long established way of operating very powerfully. That research is confirming the understanding, knowledge and practice underpinning ancient holistic techniques in pretty conclusive ways.

We now know, for instance, without any shadow of doubt, that everything is made up of energy. That includes us. We are energetic beings whose energy can now be scientifically measured. We also now know that when our energy is depleted or out of balance we show signs of dis-ease. This also can now be accurately measured.

What Eastern medicine has for thousands of years called the aura, we now call the human biofield; what Eastern medicine has always called the chakras, we can now detect and identify as specific centres of heightened energy on the body; what Eastern medicine has called energy meridians, we can now trace and measure with instruments sensitive to changing frequencies of electro-magnetic energy.

'With the advent of Quantum Theory, it was found that even these minute subatomic particles were themselves far from solid. In fact, they are not much like matter at all - at least nothing like matter as we know it. They cannot be pinned downand measured precisely. They are more like fuzzy clouds of potential existence, with no definite location. Much of the time they seem more like waves than particles. Whatever matter is, it has little, if any, substance to it.' - Peter Russell (M.A., D.C.S., F.S.P.)

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We are now coming to appreciate, through neuroscientific and quantum physics research findings, that photon particles - the tiniest structures in our bodies - behave in very powerful, intuitive and synchronistic ways, and that when our thoughts or emotions change, their behaviour changes too.

That makes our emotional and psychological state, and our spiritual capacity, every bit as vital to health as that of our physical body.

It is here, particularly, that Eastern medicine has been way ahead of us, in its knowledge of the body's energy systems, chakras and meridians, and its understanding of the central significance and importance of energetic balance for well-being.

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Energy healing is also about vibrational frequency, since all energy vibrates. The states of deep relaxation, for example, which can be reached during a reiki treatment or during therapeutic touch, alters the vibrational frequency of brain waves in ways which promote profound relaxation, producing theta waves in the brain. Not only can this take us into a quite blissful meditative state, where we feel deeply in touch with ourself, and life in general, but such a state positively affects key systems in the brain, nervous system and endochrine system. In particular, the immune system is stimulated into becoming more efficient, with obvious benefits for healing, aswell as for general well-being.

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One of the most exciting and far reaching theoretical foundations of the Eastern philosophy of well-being - that we create or significantly influence our own mental, emotional and physical states by the way in which we perceive and interpret our reality, rather than being mere victims of fate - is now being constantly validated by quantum physics and neuroscientific research.

Our thoughts, feelings and reactions directly affect our health
How we perceive what happens to us, and what has happened to us in our past, directly brings about changes within even the tiniest part of the human cell, the mitochondria. We no longer believe that everything is genetically determined. Rather, we understand that who we are, and the way we interact with life, is down to a mixture of our environmental factors, and the way we react to those.

Quantum physics and neuroscience would, therefore, agree with an Eastern view of health and well-being by confirming that our state of mind, and our emotional state, directly determines our state of physical health.

It follows, therefore, that any treatments which can help in achieving a state of calm relaxation and mental and emotional balance - which is precisely what energy healing treatments can bring about - are extremely and profoundly beneficial for our overall health and well-being

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In terms of energy medicine, this means that the balancing of energy which it seeks to accomplish, together with the removal of blocks to healthy energy flow in and around the body, is enormously beneficial to general health and well-being at a profound, cellular, level.

It is heartening that such research is now influencing current medical thinking to such an extent that energy healing and therapeutic touch is now often offered in pre and post operative care, in oncology units and hospices for its enormously beneficial effects on recovery, the lessening of anxiety, and the promotion of a calm and peaceful ability to manage stressful experiences.

In the UK Reiki is now offered in NHS hospitals, including:

  • University College London, for stress relief, alongside conventional cancer treatment, and for endometriosis
  • Bishop Aukland, Co Durham, in the pain relief clinic
  • Southampton University Hospital for palliative care cancer patients
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital

    And all over the country in hospices, physiotherapy units, with people with learning disabilities, for staff, in drug & alcohol and addiction units, GP & Dental practices, NHS Mental Health & Psychotherapy units, Brain injury rehabilitation centres, HIV/AIDS holistic health centres, amongst many others.

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    It is in this context, and on the back of so much current research and acquired wisdom over thousands of years, and in the light of the accumulation of ever more accurate and detailed information, that we practise the powerful techniques of healing energy therapy.

    So how does it actually work? It sounds a bit magical. What is actually happening

    Quantum mechanics research has shown that whenever two different systems are oscillating at different vibrational levels, they eventually oscillate in time. Just like the pendulums of, say, a number of grandfather clocks would eventually end up swinging to the same rhythm. This is known as resonance. Also, the lower vibrational level frequency is always brought up to resonate with the higher vibrational frequency. Energy always reaches resonance in this way. This is known as entrainment.

    In Quantum Touch, Therapeutic Touch and Reiki, it is this phenomenon which is key. Since the body can heal itself when the environment is right, and the immune system is given the best opportunity to do what it does best, all that is actually needed is for the person's vibrational level to be raised in order to create the opportunity for the body to heal.

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    We are trained to create the optimum vibration for the body to heal itself
    No one heals someone else, not really; we simply create the conditions in which the client's body can heal itself. Again, it is to do with vibration. What happens is that the energy healing practitioner, who is trained to use meditation, breathing techniques and the power of positive loving intention, is able to raise the vibration of their hands to a very high frequency.

    When the practitioner's hands come into close contact with someone else, their client's body, just as with grandfather clocks, will resonate and entrain to the practitioner's hands. Our emotions and intentions are major factors in changing our vibrational levels.

    The emotion which lifts our vibration to its highest level is love. By that, we don't mean something sentimental. We mean focussed empathic caring attention with the intention of achieving the highest good. It is the emotion which resonates most closely with the vibration of Life Force Energy. Powerful loving healing intention is what allows people to transfer healing energy to each other.

    The practitioner holds the highest vibration possible, which then becomes the dominant frequency, and the client's body will simply entrain with and match the vibration of the practitioner. Anyone claiming to heal others by their own power has not understood the research data of quantum mechanics.

    Clients heal themselves. Healing practitioners simply raise the vibration to such a high level that the conditions are the optimum they can possibly be for the body to heal itself. Healing is not magic, or wishful thinking, although the results can be so amazing at times that they certainly seem magical. It is about the science of vibrational energy.


  • Current sophisticated medical scanners (CT :computerised tomography, PET: positron emission tomography and MRI: magnetic resonanance imaging) can now show areas of constriction and obstruction which interfere with healthy energy flow patterns in the body

  • This has now allowed the mapping of specific energy grids within and over the surface of the body which co-incide with the energy meridians and chakra systems of ancient eastern medicine

  • It is now known that humans and other complex life forms have dual information systems: 1) the nervous system with its complex thread of nerve cells, dendrites, axons and the spinal cord and 2) a matrix of subtle energies which are electro-magnetic in form: the energy matrix systems of Eastern energy healing

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  • Modern medicine is learning to develop non-invasive ways of, amongst other things, stimulating cells and bones to heal faster, reducing pain and inflammation, and to bring relief from anxiety, based on these findings, by using a device called pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) which emits an extremely low electrical and magnetic vibration, thus stimulating the body's own ability to heal itself

  • The instruments used in this treatment vibrate at exactly the same frequencies which scanners (SQUID: superconducting quantum interference devices) have found are emitted from the palms of an energy healing practitioner when giving a therapeutic treatment. Namely between 0.5 and 30 hertz.

  • Quite astonishingly, during laboratory experiments, while the vibrational impulses emitted by the device in PEMF varied randomly throughout treatment, the pulses emitted from the palms of the hands of trained energy healing practitioners were found to emit very specific frequencies within that range with absolute accuracy according to the exact treatment needs of individual patients

  • That is, the human interchange between the energy fields of practitioners and patients therefore facilitated more specific outcomes than the machine was able to

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    Research into the energy of intention

    With energy healing, research is demonstrating that distance appears to be irrelevant. That is, it is possible to send healing over distance which is just as effective as healing given by direct contact.

    It has been shown that an enormous surge of electrostatic energy occurs during healing. When someone is stationary, their breathing and heart beat will produce electrostatic energy of 10-15 millivolts. When someone is focussing or concentrating their attention, as during meditation, this goes up to 3 volts.

    During energy healing sessions - whether it be quantum touch, reiki or therapeutic touch - however, either by direct contact or by sending energy, practitioners have been shown reliably and consistently to produce surges up to 190 volts. Interestingly, while the energy flows from the palms of the hands, the energy being measured is shown to be being generated in its most concentrated form in the healer's abdomen. This is the area called the Dan Tien in ancient Chinese medicine, and in martial arts. It is the area which, through concentrated intention, is regarded to be the central source of energy generation of the body.

    A ground-breaking piece of research by Tiller, a physicist at Stanford University, who designed a device which could accurately measure the exact number of electrons pulsing out of someone's hands, carried out an experiment on over 1000 energy healing practitioners. He discovered that, while being asked to hold the concentrated intention to increase the rate, the number of recorded pulses from their hands could be raised to 50,000. This was 100,000 times higher than that emitted from people in the control group who did not have this energy.

    Experiments have also confirmed that the energy emitted actually does literally balance and correct other energetic structures at a molecular level. This appears to involve not only electrical impulses, but also magnetic impulses. The long standing claim that energy healers balance the energy of the person receiving treatment with positive benefits is now being scientifically demonstrated. Since the human biofield is electromagnetic in nature, this makes perfect sense of how such outcomes are achieved.

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  • There are a growing number of studies which are producing quite amazing results about the efficacy and powerful effects of energy healing, both face to face and at a distance.

  • A major study of AIDS patients, for example, was carried out in 1999 by Targ & Sicher, a psychiatrist and a psychologist, where energy healers were asked under strict conditions to send healing remotely for a period of one hour each week for several weeks to a group of 10 advanced AIDS patients, whom they never met, with the same degree of illness as the control group of 100

  • At the end of the study, although the state of health of everyone in the control group had deteriorated, and 40% of those had died, all 10 of the group which had received remote healing showed improvement in their condition

  • The evidence is now well documented

    Studies have conclusively shown that vibrational healing energy therapy facilitates:

  • marked and rapid relaxation, with associated changes in breathing rate, release of muscle tension, and sense of inner calm

  • pain relief from symptoms associated with both physical and psychological stress

  • a marked reduction in anxiety and greater sense of being able to cope

  • increased function of the immune system, as measured by salivary proteins

  • an overall increase in a sense of well-being

  • accelerated wound healing, including post-operative healing

  • an enhanced sense of personal efficacy, flexibility, open-mindedness and creativity

  • greater problem-solving functioning

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    ~ The Holistic WellBeing Centre ~ offers you an informed and intelligent blend of ancient and modern healing therapies, supported by cutting edge research, for total well-being

    Harnessing the body`s own energy system`s inherent capacity to heal itself

    Energy healing. HWC UK
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