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What exactly is universal energy?

Everything is made up of energy
Modern scientific research is confirming that everything is composed of energy particles, and that those particles vibrate and flow. We call this by many names, including ki, chi, prana, universal life force energy. It is what makes up all matter, and operates throughout the universe in what we are coming to realise, through quantum physics, are quite extraordinary ways.

Everything is connected by energy
It also means that everything is connected by that same energy, since it is in everything. We are therefore all connected too, and so affect each other at an energetic level all the time. We are all familiar, for instance, with the way our own energy can be lifted or brought down by being around certain people. We now know, from research, that others' biofields connect with our own, and that we can actually without knowing it carry someone else's energy in our own biofield with all that means for our own mood and health.

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It's about the flow of energy
For the purpose of energy healing, the important issue is that, in human beings, energy extends beyond our actual bodies, and flows inside, outside, through and around us. When we interact with others, or with our environment, or with memory or emotionally, our energy flow is affected and influenced by that interaction.

The freedom with which this energy is able to flow and circulate and move determines our state of health. Potential illness shows itself in this energy field way before it develops in our physical bodies. Current sophisticated medical scanners can now detect those subtle differences or changes, and modern medicine is gradually developing ways of identifying what various changes mean.

Energy therapy practitioners have been trained to detect these subtle energy flows through their hands, and to interpret and work with them.

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What does an energy healer do?

Energy healers have learned to to promote optimal conditions for a client`s energy system to heal itself. Practitioners do this by raising the vibrational frequency of the client`s own energy system and bringing it into line with the extremely high vibrational frequency they themselves maintain during a treatment. A practitioner achieves this frequency through their steady attention, controlled breathing and focussed intention, a state of meditative stillness and a sustained practised heightened awareness.

Energy practitioners have learned how to both detect areas of flow in the human biofield, or aura, and blockages and constrictions in that flow. These are normally detected by temperature differences, and by the texture of the human biofield. Some practitioners can also detect colour in the biofield, which also gives information about areas of strong and weak or depleted flow, and emotions or memories held within it.

Universal life force energy, of a significantly high frequency and intensity, can be channeled by a trained energy worker through the hands, and the energy field of the recipient can then be raised vibrationally, supplemented and boosted to a level at which it can re-balance itself. Negative or toxic energy, which can stay in the energy field from painful or difficult experiences we have not successfully processed, current or past, or negative energy we have picked up from negativity or toxic situations around us, and which can cause blockages or constrictions, can also be cleared and removed, restoring the client's energy field to a far more healthy state, so that energy can once again flow freely.

Clients invariably feel the difference, both during and after a treatment, and feel peaceful and energised as a result of the rebalancing of their energy system. Optimum health is experienced when our energy system is in perfect balance, and when there are no longer blockages preventing the healthy flow of energy in, through and around us.

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This inevitably varies according to the presenting condition, and its severity. Sometimes, you may feel a marked lasting difference after just one treatment. Sometimes you may need several, feeling increasingly well after each one.

Some clients love the sense of deep peace and relaxation they experience during a treatment, and value that time so much in terms of their overall well-being, that they like to have a treatment on a regular basis, even when there is no specific condition to give treatment for.

For some, receiving healing energy becomes a way of life, while for others it is something they come back for when there is a problem with their physical or emotional well-being.

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What can I expect to feel during a treatment?

Most people find a treatment profoundly relaxing. The sense of deep peace and calm can happen quite quickly as the practitioner begins to balance and channel energy.

Some people may also feel temperature changes, especially heat coming from the practitioner's hands. Some also experience a tingling sensation through their body, and sometimes the sensation of energy moving and flowing through or around them.

It is an extremely gentle therapy, and will take place in a peaceful setting where you can feel safe to just let yourself relax.

Afterwards you may find that you feel quite thirsty, and will be offered water to drink while you take your time to prepare to leave.

Very occasionally, if you have come specifically for treatment for pain, accelerated bone or tissue healing, you may experience mild and extremely temporary discomfort. This is while the energy flow to that specific part of the body is realigning. After that, you will feel wonderfully refreshed and energised in that same area.

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What happens during a treatment?

You can receive a treatment sitting up, or even standing, and for some conditions that is more comfortable. Usually, however, most people prefer to lay down in comfort, on a massage table, with a pillow under their head and knees, with a blanket over them for warmth.

During a treatment, the practitioner will first scan your energy biofield to detect areas which may need particular attention, and will then proceed to work along your body, balancing and increasing the flow of energy around and through specific energy centres and meridians.

Treatments are given in pleasant surroundings, normally with dimmed lighting, candles and soft relaxing background music. That is because we feel that this encourages an atmosphere of relaxation, peace and calm. If this is not to your liking, treatments can be carried out in natural lighting.

At the end of the treatment, you will be given time to come out of your state of relaxation, and to talk with the practitioner about what you experienced if you would like to do so. You will be offered cool spring water to drink, as treatment usually leaves the client feeling thirsty. Drinking water after a treatment also helps to continue the benefits of the treatment by encouraging the body to clear toxins from the system.

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Since a treatment involves freeing blockages and constrictions in your energy flow, the more treatments you have, the better that flow will become.

People often find that they become more aware of heat and tingling and increasingly deep levels of peace and relaxation with each successive treatment.

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Reiki is the traditional ancient energy medicine for which we have undergone a significant period of training and development, studying with an established and highly experienced reiki master.

Alongside this, however, we have kept abreast of recent research, practice and findings in neuroscience, quantum physics and quantum mechanics, all of which have a direct relevance to our further understanding of energy and its complex workings.

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The exciting recent developments in Energy Healing
Recently, a discipline which has been variously named, but is now called Therapeutic Touch, has been developed out of the breadth of knowledge grounded in ancient energy medicines, across many ancient cultures, and which is essentially reiki in a slightly different form, but with additional techniques.

Quantum Touch is at the cutting edge of energy healing, and directly applies the most recent research findings in how most effectively to work with energy in order to create the optimum conditions to allow the body's own intelligence to promote healing. The results, particularly in pain relief, and bone and tissue healing, have been quite astonishing. We have pursued further training in these disciplines in order to incorporate those valuable findings into our own reiki practice.

Essentially, therefore, we regard the terms as largely interchangeable for the purposes of describing energy healing therapies. They are all They are all forms of energy medicine, and each complement. If there is a difference at all, it is perhaps more for the practitioner than for the client. The practice and development of reiki is more significantly a lifelong journey, an engagement with the connectedness of all things through whatever we might all individually choose to call the energy which is this universal life force. Some call this ki, or chi, or prana, for example; some might call that energy God, Source, Spirit, Divine Energy, All that is.

The practice of Reiki does not have its foundation in any particular spiritual or religious belief, and certainly there is no requirement that those training in this modality subscribe to any spiritual belief whatsoever. It is, however, our experience that working with Life Force Energy does challenge practitioners to ask questions and often to search for answers which are essentially spiritual.

In practice, that does not affect treatment, or have any bearing or impact on the person receiving the treatment, although we would say that the experience of receiving reiki has a spiritual element to it.


Some people are already familiar with energy work, and contact us knowing exactly what they are looking for. They are therefore able to book a treatment with confidence and get started straight away.

However, if energy work is new to you, or if you are unsure which way forward would be most helpful, you may welcome the opportunity to discuss what you are looking for with us, and to ask any questions you may have, before deciding which of our treatments or services you would like to go for. An initial consultation might then be something you might like to consider.

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You can choose
We very much believe in encouraging you to decide what works best for you. Reiki and Energy healing vary in their effects from person to person. Everyone's energy system is different, and so everyone responds individually to a treatment. You will also find that, the more treatments you have, the more responsive and open your energy field becomes, so that over time you experience deeper and more pervasive benefits. We encourage you to see what works best for you.

What is the significance of the different levels in Reiki - Levels 1, 2 and Master?
Reiki is a discipline which involves being attuned by a master, with whom one studies and practises, to high vibrational levels of energy. These different levels are what are denoted by the descriptions Levels 1, 2 and Master Level.

With each successive attunement, the practitioner`s capacity to channel increasingly high levels of energy is increased. A good way of putting it might be that the practitioner`s ampage increases, so that increasingly high levels of energy can flow through them. This means that, while there are always exceptions, treatment tends to become noticeably more powerful with each successive level.

A treatment from a reiki master is therefore likely to be extremely powerful, since they are attuned to working with extremely high vibrational levels of energy. With each successive attunement, and with greater awareness, together with practice and experience, the power to tune into and channel universal life force energy increases, as does the practitioner's level of energetic capacity.

How does this affect treatment?
The more experienced and the more highly attuned a practitioner is, the more powerful and effective the treatment. A reiki master has undergone a significant apprenticeship, and has developed the ability to work with energy at a particularly high vibrational frequency. This means that shorter treatments can achieve just as much, if not more, than longer treatments treatments with someone who does not work at that vibrational level.

How long for?
Energy healing and Reiki sessions can vary in length depending on the severity of the problem, physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, or on the amount of time clients would like to give themselves for deep relaxation. If you would like help with a specific problem, physical or other, we can focus on that particular area rather than carrying out a full body treatment.

For some, energy healing and reiki represents a treatment for a specific issue; for others it represents a regular part of a holistic life style, and a period set aside for peace and stillness within might be an otherwise busy life.

Whichever it be, we will be glad to accommodate your own individual needs wherever we can.

Some clients find it helpful to mix different therapies in their session time. For example, it might feel helpful to do some mindfulness or relaxation, or some creative visualisation, prior to a reiki treatment, or after life coaching. We feel that you will know best how you would benefit most from your time, and we encourage you to discuss your needs with us.

Our fees start at £45 for a simple treatment, and rise to £75 for fuller or more complex treatments. A therapy, coaching or mindfulness session will cost £50. Our fee reflects the extent and breadth of the training, experience and expertise you will receive, which is considerable. We do also offer treatment in some circumstances at a reduced rate, and we also have a small number of subsidised treatment spaces we can offer. It is always worth talking to us about your specific circumstances.

We also offer discounts for a series of sessions booked and paid for in advance. If after experiencing a single treatment you decide that you would like to take advantage of this, you can incorporate the session you have received into that discounted arrangement.

We also offer an initial consultation, for those who are unsure and would like to discuss options with us. This is for an hour, and we charge £40 for that.

Do you do home visits?
Generally, we prefer to see clients in our own premises, since this allows us to provide a relaxed, tranquil therapeutic space in which to give treatments. In rare circumstances, however - for example, if you are infirm, or recovering from an operation, or are seriously ill - we will come out to you and give you a treatment in your own home, or the place where you are receiving care, providing that you are within reasonable travelling distance.

We ask for an additional £5 to cover travel and time for this.

Do you send healing energy at a distance?
Yes, we do. Anywhere in the world, any time zone. Distance healing is every bit as powerful and effective as hands on energy healing.

We normally send for half an hour at a time and charge £30 for this.

Can I pay via PayPal?
Yes, you can pay via PayPal. We can give you the details on request

We need to emphasise that we are never charging for reiki or healing energy. This is freely available to all and belongs to everyone. What we do have to charge for is our time, since like everyone else we must put food on the table. However, we channel energy gladly and generously, and in exceptional circumstances will not charge a fee.

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You are reiki masters who are also trained in other modalities. Does that mean that you also teach others to develop these skills?

Yes, most definitely. We believe this ancient healing energy therapy, no matter what we choose to call it, with all its benefits, should be available for anyone to learn, both to share with others and for personal development. Indeed, we believe that ANYONE can learn to work with Universal Life Force Energy.

Reiki is a spiritual journey
It is important to say, however, that reiki is a journey aswell as a healing discipline. Since it involves being attuned to, and learning to channel and work with, universal life force energy, it is inevitably about far more than simply learning technique.

It is important to study under an experienced reiki master, who can teach, discuss, encourage your practice and learning, and give support and advice while you learn to manage and work both with universal life force energy, and the inevitable spiritual growth and enlightenment which follows. Reiki is a quite beautiful spiritual discipline, and an attunement begins a significant and profound spiritual journey.

We also attune others to Reiki
We carry out attunements for Level 1, Level 11, and Master/Teacher Level. Level 1 will enable you to carry out treatments on yourself and close family and friends, Level 11 equips you to treat others beyond your immediate circle, and a Master/Teacher attunement allows you both to give extremely powerful treatments, and also to attune and teach others.

Some people who come to us wish to study right through to becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher. Others, however, have come to appreciate the benefits of reiki healing through treatments they themselves have experienced, and wish to simply be attuned to Level 1 or Level 11 in order to be able to give healing to themselves, and to share those benefits with family and friends. Whichever it is, we would be very happy to discuss the process with you.

Additional techniques specifically for pain relief and accelerated recovery
We also teach specific pain relief techniques. The basics are quick and easy to learn, although more advanced skills take longer to master. Anyone can do this. If you would like to know more, or to discuss the possibility of training further with us, please get in touch. We teach either in very small groups, or one to one, in a very open and relaxed environment. It is an extremely liberating and fascinating journey!

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Counselling is a way of seeing an issue more clearly, and having our thoughts and feelings reflected back to us so we can see what we are doing and wanting more clearly. It helps to identify factors which might be clouding our judgement or getting in our way which we might not be aware of. It is a good way of getting some brief help and perspective on a problem, and of finding a way forward.

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Our psyche is the whole of our mind, the experience we are made up of. Psychotherapy goes deeper than counselling, as it helps us make sense of how we came to be who we are, how our lives as we have lived them up to this point have shaped how we feel and think and react, the way we perceive things and what we believe and expect.

Psychotherapy tends to be longer term than counselling, and usually deals with deeper issues, or long standing difficulties. It can help us understand why we are the way we are, and to help us change that if we wish to do so.

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Spiritual Life Coaching

Life coaching is about having someone help you set goals, become motivated, believe in yourself. Spiritual Life coaching looks at the quality and balance of your life, and helps you to identify changes you want to make. It helps most when what you are largely looking for is techniques and skills, homework and goal-setting, and for someone to help you to track your progress and keep motivated. However, it will also help you to explore the bigger questions in your life, about purpose, meaning, and happiness.

We are all energy. We are all connected. We are all in this together

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